Mind Maps More Marks

  • What is it?

    An innovative method, a great combination of Mind Maps and school syllabus (developed by Professors, scholars, IITans, expert teachers and Mind Mapping professionals) to help students understand, remember and revise their chapters like never before.

    When we bring mind maps and school syllabus together, emerged Mind Maps More Marks a world class learning method (proven scientific method) that students truly needs. Mind Maps More Marks are in a Book form and available as online course to help students understand their chapters better, remember easily and revise quickly 10 times faster

  • How it Works?

    Mind Map is that it synchronise both the left brain and the right brain. It naturally uses the left brain because Mind Map is structured and has Key words.

    It naturally uses the right brain, as it is a picture, colourful and multidimensional hence it stimulates your left and right brains simultaneously to help you understand and remember the chapters better. It makes learning and revision easy and fun

  • Why Mind Maps More Marks?

    A mind map’s radiant structure directly corresponds to the way our mind stores and retrieves information

    A mind map makes use of “memory triggers” i.e colours, shapes, key words, associations and images etc

    Mind Map covers entire chapter in 1 page view with all the details hence easy and quick to revise 10 times faster, saves time

Why Us?

Our Mind maps more marks books are first of its kind and based on proven scientific method, we spent 24 months’ time in R&D to come out the world class material, which are backed by about 1000 student positive feedback during our pre-launch pilot project.

The books are designed and developed by Professors, scholars, IITans, expert teachers and Mind Mapping professionals. Mind Maps can provide succinct subject overviews which will make even the most complex topic easy to understand. They are exceptionally useful for students to learn faster and better.

Today, millions of students using mind maps, and more and more schools/ teachers are encouraging them in doing so


How to read a mind map?

Centre is the chapter name, Strat at 1 O’ clock branch and go clock wise, first read main branch then go corresponding sub branches then sub-sub branches and key points. Along with the key points on the branches read and understand the given pictures and images accordingly.

Who gets benefited?

  • Parents

    1. Your Children get more marks
    2. Your Children don’t feel bored to revise the chapters
    3. Your children decrease stress levels, increased results

  • School Management

    1. Offering an innovative method for the benefit of your students
    2. Improved academic results and brand image for your schools
    3. Your BIG Differentiation from your competition

  • Teachers

    1. Enabling your students to get more marks
    2. You could revise the chapter very fast and effectively
    3. Your great Contribution to effective CCE implementation

  • Students

    1. Better understanding of the subjects
    2. 10 times faster to revise the chapters
    3. Improved memory and recall